Happy Friday everyone! If you are like me you are looking forward to getting out from behind the desk, and outdoors to enjoy this amazing weather! I have been couped up all week (literally 8 days or so) working against a couple of website launch hard deadlines. It has been a lot of hours but finally I think that the lions share of the work is behind be.

The main site that was taking ALL of my time was a site for the Sacramento Running Association. Their headline event is the California International Marathon (CIM). The CIM site needed to be live March first, as that was the day for online registration to open. As with nearly all projects things kind of just floated along with no sense of urgency, even with multiple requests for attention to be given to the site, until about 4 days before go time… Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep on the nights leading up to the first!

Here is a link to the CIM website. I think it came out rather well considering the time constraints. The client and I are working through a few formatting issues within the site, but the launch went off without a hitch, and registered over 15,000 hits on the first day!

In other news, spring has definitely hit California, I am sitting here in shorts and enjoying nearly 70 degree weather! So I thought that it would be fitting to upload a few spring images into my photography gallery.

Instead of making you all fish through and find the new images in the galleries I thought that I would post them here as well for easy viewing.