In building a series of sites for a client I thought that it might be useful to share some experiences I have had. This particular client has 5-10 sites that are all promoting a similar but very different product.
There are two schools of thought on how to proceed with the sites.

Cookie Cutter Design:

Design the fist of the sites and then use that layout as a template for the remainder of the sites.

  • High level of focus on overall site layout.
  • Quick implementation for subsequent sites.
  • Consistency across all sites with a familiar view for clients.
  • Less expensive to design and upkeep


  • The sites look like they were just plugged into a formula.
  • Creates creative constraints on the site to fit within the template.
Completely Independent Design:

Design all sites independently without regard to previous or subsequent site designs.

  • Leads to highly creative site design.
  • Allows client focus to be directed more readily.
  • Look is less “corporate” in look


  • Can confuse clients when they utilize multiple sites
  • More expensive to design and upkeep
  • Longer lead time to launch sites
What do you choose?

That is the big question, isn’t it?! There is NO right answer, both options have their advantages, and both have their drawbacks. What is important is that you make a decision from the onset with this infomation at your finger tips. Having a global view of how you would like your brand to be received will save you money and time. Hope this helps you make the proper choice for your brand.