Early spring time is a fantastic time to be outside shooting the early spring blooms and green hills nearby you. The baby sheep and goats are already prancing around in the fields as if asking for their photo to be taken as they frolic.

I do hope you are taking advantage of this time of year through your view finder!

Me? Well, sometimes work gets in the way. I have a number of web sites I am working my way through now, and it’s not the fun creative/artistic stuff either… it is now down to the nitty gritty text formatting and editing. Every site needs this attention to detail, but unfortunately few spend the time to go through their sites with a fine tooth comb. One of my biggest pet peeves is coming across a visually stunning site, full of creative/gaphic design, only to have it sullied with misspellings, inconsistent formatting, and cliche phrases. I have to believe that I am not the only person this annoys!

So here is sit doing the tedious final touches to a number of sites so they can keep their clients attention, and pass their message to their customers in a clear and concise manner…

The camera is calling me though… I am going to have to carve out some time to go shoot.